Assistance in attracting investments

Investments may be acquired for implementation of scientific projects, as well as business development.

Any Association member can expect to receive an assistance in attracting investments. However, to be eligible it is necessary to be a member of the Association.

Holding training courses and seminars

International representation of the interests of transport organizations

Any member of the Association can count on the support and representation of its interests in international events. However, to be eligible for such support, membership in the Association.

Organization and direction of projects in transport

In Latvia, the association is unique in its kind and has great potential for cooperation, both with private business, and with the Ministries of Latvia.

We have everything that is necessary to organize international projects, conferences and symposia.


The Association and its members provide consulting on a wide range of issues, including:

– Participation in the European transport projects and programs;

– Participation in national transportation programs and projects;

– Monitoring the development of transport and logistics sector in Europe, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries;

– New technologies in transport and logistics;

– Intelligent transport systems (transport telematics);

– And others.