Logistics and Overland Transport Network for Training «Blue Collars»

ELRII-465 Funded by Estonia – Latvia – Russia

Concepts of Roadside Infrastructure and Rest Areas LLIV-299

Concepts of roadside infrastructure and rest areas

Policy Learning in Information Technologies for Public Transport Enhancement

Цели и задачи Recent years, Public Transport policies have developed many different services for citizens, such as “infomobility”, which provides travellers with information on the Public Transport services available in their location. However, not all EU regions make use of the same services, which makes it difficult to spread its use at different geographic levels.…

BSR TransGovernance

Контакты Веб-сайт: www.transgovernance.eu/ Latvian National coordinator — Prof. Igor Kabashkin Контактный телефон: +371 67100594 Электронная почта:

Rail Baltica Growth Corridor

Purposes and tasks Rail Baltica Growth Corridor has two pilots. Connectivity Pilot The first pilot aims to improve the accessibility of Baltic Sea Region by introducing Rail Baltica Travel Information Network, an integrated door-to-door travel planner for the Rail Baltica region in terms of long-distance and local public transport, covering multimodal (road, sea, rail and…