Work packages

Work packages
  • WP1: Project management and administration
  • The WP features strategic and executive management of the project (project secretariat, Project Management Group, Steering Committee) as well as the overall project coordination.

    WP leader: Region Skåne, Wiktor Szydarowski (project manager), Phone: +46 768 54 20 20, E-mail:
  • WP2: Communication and information
  • The WP contains internal and external communication instruments aimed to solidify the project partnership and to anchor the project ambitions, findings and results in the target groups. TransBaltic intends to use efficient tools to keep the project partnership and associated organisations informed about the progress achieved, to callibrate the project work based on received feedback and to secure a transnational spirit of the project so that roles and responsibilities are well understood.

    Through the external communication TransBaltic will create liaisons and effective communication channels with the target groups. In that connection the project is going to raise awareness about the challenges taken up by the project and selected for resolving, animate discussiion on investigated topics, absorb feedback on preliminary conclusions from the target groups and to secure a seamless follow-up on the results. By connecting the regional, national and private stakeholders, TransBaltic aspires to deliver an essential input to establishing an integrated transport system in the Baltic Sea Region.

    WP leader: Region Skåne, Evelina Hansson Malm, Phone: +46 44 309 35 91, E-mail:
  • WP3: The BALTIC SEA REGION as a transport gateway area
  • The aim of WP3 is to foster development measures in the field of road, rail, sea transport and inland navigation in order to enhance the gateway function of the Baltic Sea Region.

    In the internal accessibility context, these measures should promote a regional growth perspective in better connectivity of the national and regional networks of the BSR countries. In the external accessibility dimension, they should create regional preparedness and response to the increasing transport flows across the BSR, which unfold both between the continents (East-West direction) as well as between the BSR and the European mainland (North-South direction).

    The WP features a strategic process of developing a policy decision-making base at the regional level and a future-oriented package of actions based on:

    • an inventory of pan-Baltic transport development concepts and strategies as well as investment plans of the BSR and external countries, in the context of future intercontinental flows;
    • analysis of a current distribution of intermodal (maritime, road and rail) transport flows in the BSR transport corridors, followed by traffic forecasts for primary (TEN-T) and secondary transport corridors;
    • shared vision of the intermodal transport system in the BSR (2030 census) and the most desirable development scenario – based on foresight debates;
    • a regional action plan with measures needed to enhance the gateway function of the BSR and the transport intermodality and interoperability.
    WP leader: Region Västerbotten, Stig Hjerppe, Phone: +46 72 226 57 00, E-mail:
  • WP4: Horizontal measures
  • The aim of WP4 is to develop regional level proposals for better harmonisation and coordination of transport planning and policy-making in the BSR, as recalled by the EU Baltic Sea Strategy. The WP will also provide ground for developing generalised transport intermodality and interoperability solutions (BSR transport blueprints) based on TransBaltic WP5 activities and on findings of parallel transport corridor projects (e.g. East West TC II or Scandria).

    In that respect TransBaltic will arrange a number of debates and follow-up analyses dedicated to the transport development challenges of common interest and importance for all parts of the BSR. Those challenges are set high on the European and BSR transport agenda, and are reflected in the action plan of the EU Baltic Sea Strategy or in business community standpoints.

    Task leader 4.1 (Challenges for Baltic ports): Baltic Ports Organisation, Bogdan Oldakowski, Phone: +48 502 559 63, E-mail: , Marta Friedrichowicz, Phone: +48 518 076 980, E-mail:

    Task leader 4.2 (Human capacity building in transport operations): Maritime Competence Centre, Bernd Jahn, Phone: +49 40 75 60 82-634, E-mail: , Ingo Kuhlbrodt , Phone: +49 40 38 37 52, E-mail:

    Task leader 4.3 (Transport sustainability and green corridors): Maritime Institute in Gdansk, Urszula Kowalczyk, Phone: +48 697 607 055, E-mail:
  • WP5: Key business actions
  • The aim of WP5 is to test practical solutions contributing to the integration of transport patterns and networks, and thereby to the development of a comprehensive multimodal transport system in the BSR. Qualification of these business concepts to TransBaltic has been carried out based on two premises. First, they have been identified as crucial in strategic documents by the pan-Baltic organisations. Second, they have not been applied so far by any other transnational project.

    Apart from demonstrating the feasibility of these concepts in the concrete business environment, the project will also evaluate their potential to become the business solutions of transnational importance (BSR transport blueprints). This work will be conducted in cooperation with WP4. Furthermore, WP5 will consider impact of these actions on the sustainable regional development to serve the purpose of WP3.

    Task leader 5.1 (Dry port development): LAKES, Jukka Siren, Phone: + 358 405 899 288, E-mail:

    Task leader 5.2 (Empty Container Management): Hamburg University of Technology, Heike Flämig, Phone: +49 40 428 78 39 07, E-mail: , Jutta Wolff , Phone: + 49 40 428 78 21 10, E-mail: , Nico Herz, Phone: +49 40 428 78 39 03, E-mail:

    Task leader 5.3 (Deployment of ICT toolbox): The Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, Leszek Andrzejewski, Phone: + 48 501 605 820, E-mail: ,

    Task leader 5.4 (Competence management system in harbour logistics): Maritime Competence Centre, Bernd Jahn, Phone: +49 40 75 60 82-634, E-mail: , Ingo Kuhlbrodt, Phone: +49 40 38 37 52, E-mail:

    Task leader 5.5 (Rail transport solutions for North-South and East-West flows): Eastern Norway County Network, Inge Brørs, Phone: +47 952 36 271, E-mail: , Bjørn Bryne, Phone: +47 957 53 341, E-mail:
Authorization of a work group member

Authorization of a work group member

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