Rail Baltica Growth Corridor

Rail Baltica Growth Corridor
Towards improving the accessibility in the Eastern part of the Baltic Sea Region
It is linked to the wider concept of Rail Baltica – a railway that will connect the Eastern Baltic Sea Region from north to south branching from St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas and Warsaw to Berlin. The Region gains new economic potential as the major business hubs will be connected with North-West Russia and the EU core.
The project will create a cooperation platform for observing the needs of both transport sector and customers in line with the green growth corridor principles. Rail Baltica Growth Corridor aims to form an institutional platform in Baltic Sea Region for the joint development and cooperative activities of public and private stakeholders acting for the improvement of the Rail Baltica railway line. RBGC invites cities, regions, transport sector, and ministries to build a common action plan to gain momentum to the introduction of a truly transnational, customer-friendly, effective and sustainable Rail Baltica connection.
Project is supposed to contribute to development of sustainable modes of transportation, improved balance and interoperability between different means of transportation and the establishment of links with the rest of the EU rail network.

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