Work packages

Work packages
  • WP1 Project management and administration
    • Management Team:
      – WP Leaders and Lead Partner
    • LP and Project Office: Overall day-to-day running of the project
  • WP2 Dissemination and information
  • Project dissemination to key stakeholders and policymaking bodies:

    – Internationally
    – Nationally
    – Local dissemination mainly partners’ responsibility
  • WP3 Behaviour and training
  • Activities:

    3.1. WP Leader Activity
    3.2. Traffic/Driver Behaviour
    3.3. Training
    3.4. The Impact of Market Structure on Safety and Security

    Expected outputs and results:

    – Creating harmonised training contents
    – Increased understanding of driver behaviour
    – New comparative findings that support operations
  • WP4 Cooperation between authorities
  • Activities:

    4.1. WP Leader Activity
    4.2. Field exercises
    4.3. Staff exchange
    4.4. Information exchange

    Expected outputs and results:

    – Greatly enhanced knowledge of working methods
    – Creation of direct operational networks
    – Middle management meetings of relevant BSR authorities
    – Thematic workshops between stakeholders
  • WP5 Equipment, safety and risk
  • Activities:

    5.1. WP Leader Activity
    5.2. Practical testing of relevant equipment
    5.3. Risk analysis applications

    Expected outputs and results:

    – Recommendations for procurement
    – Better road safety in sections to be planned
    – Exchange of experience
    – Basis for new development
Authorization of a work group member

Authorization of a work group member

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