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SIA “Arhis”, Raiņa 26B, Daugavpils, Latvija, LV-5401
Architectural-engineering company “Arhis” since the year of 1988 has been working in the field of architectural design and civil engineering, developing sketch and technical projects and providing consulting services. Our philosophy: to solve the day-to-day tasks in an integrated creative way.

There are 20 highly qualified architects and engineers working in the company and about 10 specialists are working on a contract base. Professional software allows achieving the highest level of designing.

During years of productive work “Arhis” has developed tens of projects for various functional purposes, among which there are hospitals, apartment houses, office buildings, gas stations, stadiums and ice-halls, markets, banks, restaurants, shops, schools, relaxation centers, aquaparks and family parks, playing grounds for children, utility and industrial buildings, bus stations and others.

“Arhis” has a licence for designing power supply networks and electric installations.

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