Transport and Telecommunication Institute

Transport and Telecommunication Institute
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Latvija, Rīga, Lomonosova iela 1, LV-1019
Transport and Telecommunication Institute is the largest university-type accredited non-state technical higher educational establishment in Latvia. Main academic activities: higher education, training courses, vocational training. The Institute modelled itself upon new educational technologies:

making an accent on new computer technologies and computer-oriented methods of training, making INTERNET and INTRANET available for each student as educational environment. All TTI students get free e-mail and free unlimited access to INTERNET.

free choice of not only separate subjects, but also of a certain specialisation. The system is provided by a flexible modulus structure of a teaching process. Methods and teaching curriculum of each student are individual and correspond to his or her demands

Main directions of academic activities: Electronics and Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Computer Science, Management and Business Administration, Economics, Transport and Logistics
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