Latvian Transport Development and Education Association (LaTDEA) was established on 9 February 1996. The major Latvian transport companies and educational institutions are members of the association.

Our main activities are implementation of projects in transport sector, development of logistics systems at regional level, modern navigation and IT solutions to transport monitoring applications, as well as support and development of transport educational programmes and facilities at universities and colleges.

At present association represents interests of Latvia and local companies in international projects, conferences and symposiums.

Among provided services are: preparation and participation in the international projects, organization of conferences and workshops, development of educational programmes and training courses, assistance in attraction of investors, as well as consulting in transport policy and business.

Latvian transport development and education association carry out a lot of consulting projects at national and international levels, for instance, development of consulting projects concerning Euro-Asian transit, as well as monitoring of European-Russian market of logistics and transportation services.

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